Understand Student Retention & Learn What Impacts Retention Rates Most!

Student success is a multi-faceted problem that requires a holistic approach. Traditionally, student success has been viewed from an academic or financial perspective. However, today’s students view their experience in a holistic manner that includes experiences both inside and outside the classroom. In this webinar, we will discuss how mobile technology can capture attention and help drive repeatable student success results. We will unpack core fundamentals including: centralization, community, engagement, assessment and intervention and understand how they align with student success as well as gain insights from a detailed retention study from Concordia Wisconsin University .

What you’ll learn

  1. The overall retention impact of a mobile campus app
  2. Engagement inside and outside of the classroom and it’s impact on retention
  3. How a virtual community, peer to peer engagement and sense of belonging impact retention
  4. A retention strategy for current and incoming students, with a 75% prediction success rate.
  5. How to leverage best practices to reduce summer melt by up to 44%.


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Alice Dinu

VP Student Success and Research & Co-Founder

Ready Education